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Travel Blogger Interviews – New Feature

Rather than focusing solely on our thoughts, we want to involve fellow travel bloggers and one of our new features to achieve this will include interviews with some of our blogging friends.

We want to create a community where everyone can share their ideas and what better way to do this than to learn about the best travel bloggers out there.


Are you interested in being part of our new feature? 

If the answer is YES and of course that should be your response, please complete our following survey which we will use to create our travel blogger interviews.


What are the benefits?

This is a great way to market your site and also share your travel experiences and thoughts with other bloggers!

What are the questions about?

Pretty much everything about travel! There are only 10 questions, the majority of which are open-ended and allow you to express your personal opinions.

Will there be pictures?

You can send through the image of your choice either of yourself, your website or anything that you want displayed on your interview post. You can send them directly by e-mail to [email protected] after you have completed the survey!

Complete your questionnaire ASAP by clicking this link here!!!

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