6 Local Breweries in Fayetteville, NC to Enjoy the Best Brews

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Did you know that Fayetteville, North Carolina was home to a plethora of amazing breweries? If you are looking for the best things to do in Fayetteville, NC, definitely check out the craft beer scene! While this part of the Tar Heel state is recognized for being home to the Fort Bragg military installation, it is also home to a collection of awesome craft beer locations. Whether you are a craft brew aficionado or perhaps just prefer to sample a few local beers on your travels, this collection of local breweries in Fayetteville will surely capture your attention.

The recent growth of microbreweries and independently owned craft beer companies throughout the United States has made this an attractive industry but being able to experience such a wide variety in such a small area is one thing that makes Fayetteville rather unique and definitely a destination you will want to visit if you love sampling local brews. Another selling point of Fayetteville’s craft brewery scene is the diverse, eclectic food that you can experience at many of these breweries. What better way to experience a freshly prepared meal than by indulging in one of the craft beer options available throughout the city.

gaston brewing company hay street fayetteville

Local Breweries in Fayetteville

Cumberland County is home to six distinguished breweries and each one is ready to welcome visitors and locals alike through their doors to enjoy the perfect sample of their craft beer selection.

dirtbag ales farmers market

If you enjoy the great outdoors, head south just outside the city limits of Fayetteville to experience Dirtbag Ales especially on a Sunday when the local farmer’s market comes to town and is undoubtedly one of the focal points of Fayetteville’s eclectic outdoor scene. More on this experience later but visitors can sample their favorite craft brews at the following locations.

  • Huske Hardware House Restaurant
  • Gaston Brewing Company
  • Heckler Brewing Company
  • The Mash House Restaurant and Brewery
  • Bright Light Brewing Company
  • Dirtbag Ales Brewery and Taproom

Let’s take a look at Fayetteville’s local brewery scene and perhaps you will be inspired to add one of these locations to your next adventure in this part of North Carolina. Or, if you follow our recommendation, you will follow an amazing craft beer trail and experience all six of these epic locations!

huske hardware house food

Huske Hardware House Restaurant

When it comes to the Fayetteville craft brewery scene, there is no better place to start in terms of rich history that Huske Hardware House Restaurant located in the heart of the downtown area. While the brewery has only been in operation for the last two decades, the history of the iconic building where Huske Hardware is located dates back to the turn of the 20th century. The original building was built in 1903 by Benjamin R. Huske, and served as a hardware store and the equivalent to the modern day Lowes or Home Depot.

huske hardware hourse

For 67 years, this served the city of Fayetteville as a hardware store before transitioning into a number of other industries before finally settling as home of Huske Hardware House Restaurant in 1996. With this rich history comes a decadent collection of craft beers and delicious pub-style cuisine. Visitors to this brewery will have first hand experience of the state of the art American made, stainless steel, 15 barrel brewing system which creates the magic of the craft brews that locals and visitors alike sample every day.

huske hardware house fayetteville nc

Gaston Brewing Company

Just a short walk along Hay Street from Huske Hardware in the heart of historic downtown Fayettville is the second icon craft brewery location. Gaston Brewing Company is a nano-brewery and taproom, offering a wide variety of craft kitchen delicacies accompanied by a selection of craft beers that will satisfy everyone’s tastebuds.

gaston brewing company

Whether you prefer the “Boondocker IPA” or perhaps a lighter option with the “Namaste Lavender Ale”, the options are endless and we strongly recommend you sample a beer flight to experience all of these amazing brews. For those that prefer something a little different to craft brews, Gaston Brewing Company is also home to a number of awesome craft cocktails ranging from the “BroMosa” (Wit beer combined with orange juice) to the “Sandy Sunrise” (Wit beer combined with cider).

local breweries in fayetteville nc

Ready to indulge in an appetizing meal? From shareable options to full course entrees, Gaston has a selection of meals to satisfy everyone’s appetite. The traditional Fish and Chips is frequently a popular choice, while one of the flatbread pizzas is handcrafted and definitely an excellent option.

Visitors to Gaston Brewing Company can enjoy both indoor and outdoor seating. If you prefer a traditional pub style interior, head indoors to enjoy a craft beer flight, while a gorgeous Fayetteville summer evening is the perfect backdrop to enjoy dinner on the outdoor patio while admiring the historic architecture along Hay Street.

gaston brewing company food

Heckler Brewing Company

One of the newer brewing company to be added to Fayetteville’s growing collection of local craft breweries is Heckler Brewing Company. Opening their doors after starting construction in February 2020, Heckler’s unique positioning as solely focusing their attention on delivering iconic brews is what helps this brewery stand out from others in the area.

heckler brewing company

While other locations will allow visitors to indulge in craft style cuisine to accompany their in-house brews, Heckler is all about ensuring visitors have the full experience sampling the craft beers on tap. With 16 diverse brews on tap, visitors can sample a variety of options and really enjoy the community feel that Heckler Brewing Company is focused on delivering.

The Mash House Restaurant and Brewery

If you are looking to enjoy some of the best local cuisine in Fayetteville, look no further than The Mash House Restaurant and Brewery. Since 2001, this brewery has been serving some of the finest dishes in the area, not to mention the collection of awesome craft brews that are available. We strongly recommend enjoying a flight of brews before you indulge in the delicious menu offerings that will surely make you want to return in the future.

the mash house beer flight

Whether you are looking to enjoy steak or perhaps the jambalaya, Mash House offers menu options to satisfy all the family. The Mash House prides itself on delivering menu items that are primarily prepared from local ingredients as they are focused on supporting local North Carolina farmers.

the mash house brewery and restaurant fayetteville nc

With several draft beer options on tap, craft beer connoisseurs can enjoy a diverse sampling ranging from the Natural Blonde lager to the popular Hefeweizen beer.

the mash house fayetteville nc

Bright Light Brewing Company

Fayetteville’s newest addition to their craft brewery lineup is Bright Light Brewing Company. Recognized as a startup “nano brewery”, simply because of the volume of barrels produced each year, this location in downtown Fayetteville is well worth visiting if you want to sample a collection of ales and IPA’s.

bright light brewing company

Just a short walk from Hay Street, home to two of Fayetteville’s other iconic breweries, Bright Light Brewing Company may not offer the aesthetic appearance in terms of the building but it certainly delivers with the quality of brews on tap. Bright Light frequently hosts food trucks which is another great way to experience the local outdoor scene in Fayetteville.

Dirtbag Ales Brewery and Taproom

When it comes to enjoying the ultimate experience in craft brewing, combined with local artisanal cuisine, there is no better place to visit than Dirtbag Ales Brewery and Taproom. Combine this with locally grown fresh produce and other products from the Sandhill area, and the experience of the Dirtbag Ales Farmer’s Market is what attracts locals and visitors from within North Carolina and even out of state.

dirtbag ales farmers market

Experience decadent cuisine from locally owned food trucks while listening to live music and indulging in a few of your favorite craft brews. Napkins Restaurant offers locally produced burgers and other menu items but it’s the overall experience for all the family to enjoy that makes this Farmer’s Market a must-see attraction when visiting the Fayetteville area.

napkins restaurant

This dog friendly environment provides an excellent atmosphere for everyone to enjoy, and you never quite know what locally produced gift you will find to take as a souvenir with you.

dirtbag ales farmers market


Fayetteville, NC may not be the first place you think about visiting to experience craft breweries but after visiting this location, this is definitely a thriving industry that is worth exploring during your next trip to North Carolina. From the historic Huske Hardware in downtown Fayetteville to the Farmer’s Market experience at Dirtbag Ales, there are countless experiences awaiting visitors looking to enjoy a diverse craft brewing scene.

For those of you that prefer to sample local coffee roasters, be sure to check out the best local coffee shops in Fayetteville during your visit to this part of the Tar Heel state.

dirtbag ales brewery and taproom

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