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We are heading back to Europe for our next featured Dream Destination with the small yet beautiful country of Luxembourg. Landlocked by Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg rarely features in European tourism guides purely because of its geographical location among these other powerhouse nations. However, whenever you do some research on this country, you will see that there are plenty of attractions warranting a trip here at least for a few days to sample the beauty for yourself.

Most people who do take the time to visit Luxembourg only do so for a day or two given its small size, but please don’t let this convince you that there are only few things to do there. Here are just some of the top attractions worth exploring in Luxembourg.

Casemates du Bock

Casemates du Bock
Image courtesy of http://worldtravels.ro/

The Casemates du Bock are a series of defensive passageways that has helped Luxembourg gain a reputation of having serious military prowess despite it’s minnow size in comparison to surrounding nations. The first tunnels to this underground network adjacent to the castle built in by Count Siegfried, were developed in the mid-17th Century. They are well worth a visit by tourists and provide a unique look into Luxembourg’s deep history. Even if you suffer from a little claustrophobia, this is still an experience worth fighting that fear because you will learn a lot for only a small cost (3 Euros).

Pont Adolphe

Pont Adolphe
Image courtesy of http://commons.wikimedia.org/

Pont Adolphe translated as Adolphe Bridge is an arch bridge in Luxembourg City, capital of Luxembourg. Constructed at the end of the 19th Century, this iconic structure provides a symbolic representation of the country’s independence. It has certainly become one of the main tourist attractions throughout Luxembourg and standing on the bridge provides scenic views overlooking the capital and surrounding areas. The bridge is very photogenic from the city and from the delightfully manicured park underneath.

Viaduc (Passerelle)

Viaduc (Passerelle)
Image courtesy of http://commons.wikimedia.org/

Surrounding Luxembourg City are the Casemates du Bock but either end of the city are two massive viaducts, one in particular which is an impressive architectural design – the Viaduc Passerelle. This area of rural greenery is a perfect getaway outside the central business district and is a great setting for an afternoon stroll as you find a perfect solitude between urban sprawl and nature.

As with all viaducts that have such technological brilliance in their design, they provide excellent photography opportunities both of the viaduct but also looking back over the city.

Monument de la Solidarite Nationale

Monument de la Solidarite Nationale
Image courtesy of http://commons.wikimedia.org/

The Monument de la Solidarite Nationale (Monument of National Solidarity, also known as the Monument of Remembrance) is located in the heart of Luxembourg City and is yet another iconic symbol of Luxembourg’s history. It is a dedication to the thousands of Luxembourg soldiers that participated in World War I, many losing their lives fighting for their country and Allies.

When visiting this monument you are also treated to some very awe inspiring views of Luxembourg which makes it a must see but also its central location makes this a perfect starting point to explore other key attractions in the city.

Luxembourg City Railway Station

Luxembourg City Railway Station
Image courtesy of http://commons.wikimedia.org/

Set in the heart of the city, Luxembourg’s answer to Grand Central Station may not be quite as architecturally lavish but it certainly provides a very local feel and is well worth a visit even if you don’t plan on taking a train ride through the countryside or to a nearby location. The station was built in 1907 and in addition to being a beautiful national monument, it offers a hub for shopping, dining and entertainment options for locals and tourists.

***This post is part of the 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge (#DreamDestinations #AtoZChallenge)***


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  1. It’s great to see Luxembourg on your list, we travelled there a couple of years back and did some camping. A great country! We, like many others, thought we would only need a couple of days but trust me if you intend to explore the whole country take some more time. Outside of the centre add Vianden to your list – it’s a beautiful castle set high up on a hill – it has been used in a film or two as well. You will need a day here to amble around the streets and make sure you take the time to find the chair lift (it is out of the way and some of the locals don’t even know about it) as you get stunning views across the countryside from the top – a must for any photographer. If you have a car, there are castles spread out across the country all worth visiting, many also make their own liquor with free tastings available one you have wandered around the site! 🙂 Great post!

  2. It’s funny for us Luxembourg is just the place where you work because it pays better and a close-by airport.
    I’ll admit it’s a nice city but I do prefer much more Brussels.

  3. Chris, I love Luxembourg and used to go about once a month. The city is fabulous as you mentioned some of the great places to go, but there’s so much more. One of my favorite towns is Vianden; it has a gorgeous castle!

    • Thanks for sharing this wonderful insight Corinne! Whenever you haven’t visited a location, it’s tough to know exactly what to see and research. Throughout this series of Dream Destinations I want to encourage folks that have visited these places to share their opinions and any additional spots worth visiting and certainly appreciate you doing this in this instance with Vianden. Love exploring castles to learn more about the history and heritage within the country so I would certainly want to visit there.

  4. One of the places we missed in Europe sadly – Luxembourg looks beautiful. I so wish we’d made time to get there. So many destinations so little time…

    Great post!

    • That’s always the case Calli that there are always some spots that you just don’t have enough time in the day to visit! But you know the best thing? You have a perfect excuse to head back there and explore further!

    • Some of the world’s most gorgeous countries are actually the smallest. Take a country such as New Zealand or Iceland which are both absolutely stunning but in terms of geographical size they are not very big in comparison to others.

    • Will definitely keep a watch on your travels and see if you venture back to Luxembourg because I would be interested to hear if it has changed any since the last time you visited there. As with other locations around the world, I am sure it has but whether it is for the better or not is a completely different question!

    • Angela, I think it is natural when you see a country so small to think you can probably see most things there in just a day or two and you probably have the right idea of just visiting here for a short time in passing before spending more time in a neighboring country such as France or Germany.

  5. Chris-great fun to see you working your way through the alphabet. Luxembourg is a place i could easily spend some time exploring. I’d love to get to know some of the castles in the countryside. I think I would feel like II was in a fairytale.

    • Thanks for your kind comments Alison, I am really glad that you are enjoying our Dream Destinations series. There are so many cool attractions in Luxembourg and I would also encourage you to look beyond what I have listed and consider the rural side of the country because it truly does look like a gorgeous location to relax!

  6. I have yet to visit Luxembourg. For some reason, it has never really held all that much appeal for me and I’ve worked on the assumption – perhaps through ignorance – that there isn’t much of note to see there. Sounds like I could be wrong, though, and the Pont Adolphe looks like an impressive construction and possibly a tourist attraction in its own right…

  7. I visited Luxembourg a few years ago and really enjoyed it! I remember being especially impressed by the royal palace. General Patton is also buried there in a lovely American WWII cemetery.

  8. Really interesting to see a post about Luxembourg because as you say, it is so often overlooked as a tourist destination and I must admit, I know very little about it as a place. I love reading posts about places I’m unfamiliar with and seeing how much there is on offer that I wasn’t aware of!


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