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Where can you go to experience some of America’s finest beaches yet still have plenty of activities and attractions to explore? Many people would probably mention destinations in Florida or California but we want to share with you our thoughts on Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama and why this is such an appealing destination for us!

Hopefully after reading this, you will be inspired to explore this part of South Alabama that sits along the Gulf of Mexico. Plus at the end of this article, we are delighted to provide you with an opportunity to win a beach bag containing a variety of essential items for your next trip to the beach courtesy of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism.

Pristine White Sand Beaches

If you are looking for pristine, white sand beaches you would be hard pressed to find any beaches around USA with cleaner, more relaxing beaches than Gulf Shores. Alabama is not likely to be the first US state you would think of when it comes to perfect beaches, but after taking in the views and smoothness of the sand you may be inspired to check this out for your next vacation.

But if the beaches at Gulf Shores are not enough for you, just along the Alabama coastline is Orange Beach which provides miles of sandy beaches AKA “the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway!”

Explore Historic Fort Morgan

One of the finest examples of military architecture in the New World

If the beach life doesn’t provide enough inspiration to head to Gulf Shores, perhaps exploring the historic masonry fort that is Fort Morgan may interest you! As you can see from the above quote that is frequently referenced by leading scholars, Fort Morgan played an integral part in four wars and has been the safeguard of Mobile Bay since 1834.

It is no surprise that Fort Morgan was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1960. Visitors can take tours of the fort and accompanying museum to learn all about the historic battles that took place here.

Admission: $7 Adults; $5 Seniors and Students; $4 Children (Age 6-12). Free entry for active duty, veterans and children under 6.

Championship Golf Courses

The moment I saw that Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama played host to a number of championship golf courses, I was sold!! Whether you prefer to play the Scottish links style courses or rolling hills parkland courses, there is something here for every golfer, regardless of standard.

Craft Farms plays home to both Cypress Bend and Cotton Creek and both of these are impressive looking Arnold Palmer designed courses.

Dolphin Cruises

One of the most exciting encounters you can have with wildlife is a dolphin cruise where you head out into the open water and see dolphins in their natural habitat. Orange Beach is the perfect spot to head out into the Bay area and whether you want to experience a glass-bottomed catamaran for the idyllic viewing opportunity or simply want to gaze over the side of your chosen vessel, the chances of seeing a dolphin are high when taking one of these tours.

Art Galleries and Museums

Are you looking for a trip to enhance your intellectual levels by visiting a variety of art galleries and museums? Gulf Shores offers a myriad of options dependent on your interest but one museum that I am particularly intrigued with is the USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile. Not only can you wander around the battleship, you can also explore the USS DRUM submarine.

Alabama’s Finest Cuisine

Heading to Gulf Shores wouldn’t be the same without sampling some of Alabama’s finest cuisine. Of course seafood is the primary dish and I would recommend entertaining this as your mainstream diet while staying in Gulf Shores.

Whether you want to sample Coconut Shrimp from Bahama Bob’s Beach Side Cafe or you prefer the more upmarket seafood and steak from Nolan’s Restaurant & Lounge, there are enough options to keep your taste buds occupied.

After experiencing the delectable cuisine in Gulf Shores, The Wharf located at Orange Beach is a haven for more great restaurants plus a myriad of entertainment and shopping options for that extra  retail therapy if you haven’t experienced enough of Alabama already!


Gulf Shores may not be the most attractive destination for the global media like Miami or Key West, but what it does offer is a variety of reasons that will hopefully convince you to choose this option!

When you add nearby Orange Beach to the mix, you really have a perfect destination with two coastal locations that ooze natural beauty and offer enough for visitors to be entertained during their visit.

We are really looking forward to heading to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to explore many of the above listed reasons, though this is just a brief overview of what is available in this part of Alabama.

WIN Beach Bag Essentials

So you have decided that you want to visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach? Great decision!! We are excited about heading there too, but one thing that would come in really handy for your next trip there or any beach location would be a bag full of beach essentials.

Gulf Shores

Thanks to our partnership with Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism, we are delighted to offer our readers the opportunity to win a great bag of goodies (US Residents only!).


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  1. We visited the Gulf Shores for the first time on spring break this year and we can’t wait to go back!

    • It’s always great to hear when people visit somewhere and then they can’t wait to go back! Usually shows that the destination is a pretty great place! Hopefully you will get to head back there sometime soon, we are also hoping to head there in the not too distant future. Those gorgeous beaches are calling our names 🙂

  2. We took a weekend trip to Mobile for the first time before our daughter started at University of Alabama.We took the tour at the USS Alabama and then head out to Dauphin Island to spend the rest of the day on the beautiful white sands. We would love to go back and spend some more quality time with our family.

  3. We have been going to Gulf Shores for 12 years now, its our favorite place to relax. Im hoping to go in jan. For a month.. I need some beach time to rest and heal.

  4. My family loves to visit, two teens enjoy deep sea fishing, and my husband and I get a break from work. Whoot-whoot!

  5. Visited Gulf hores&Gulf State Park&Fort Morgn Area for the first time a few weeks ago………Loved it there……Took in The Shrimp Feast the first day of it……I will be back one day!!!!

  6. You definitely made the Gulf Shores sound intriguing! I would love to lounge on those beaches and soak up the sun! And, the gift bag looks great, too!

    • Sorry Hannah about the giveaway, but don’t worry we will be having many more giveaways in the near future so keep watching this space 🙂 I am generally not much of a beach person because I am always too eager to get out and explore the region, but when you have beaches as gorgeous as Gulf Shores and Orange Beach it is very difficult to say no!

    • It’s almost like you know me Sammi 🙂 Anytime there is a good golf course around I am all for exploring the region! Plus when you throw in a bunch of other great attractions, it’s a perfect spot!

    • Of course Alejandra! This stretch of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico really has an eclectic array of beaches that remind me of the Caribbean or Mexican peninsula because they are so pristine and almost perfectly manicured (yet still looking natural if that makes sense)!

  7. Cool! I actually would have never thought of Alabama as such a great beach destination, but it totally makes sense! I’d also love to go on one of those dolphin watching tours.

  8. I love spending time on the beach but I’m most interested in the historical attractions near the Gulf Shores. The dolphin cruise would be pretty amazing too. My family lived in Northern Alabama for awhile and the Gulf Shores was one place I always wanted to visit. Your trip looks amazing. Great photos!

  9. I have the same love for the beach as my dad always did, Orange Beach was his choice! His love for the beach was just passed down to me. Hopefully going for Thanksgiving!!

  10. Never been to the gulf shore and would love to before i leave the USA and move back to England.Would love to do the dolphin cruise.

  11. The beach is THE perfect place to relax because you can enjoy your day at your own pace surrounded by the beauty of nature!

  12. My family enjoys the beach for everything.. #1 spending time together at a beautiful location. #2 ocean, sand #3 the peacefulness of it all and getting away


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