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Tiger Sky Tower Review – How to Enjoy an Amazing Skyline?

Imagine a city without skyscrapers…Imagine a city without a modern transportation infrastructure…Imagine a city without global conglomerates dominating the economy. Are any of these imaginable in the world we live in today? Rather than arguing this, we want to focus on admiring and embracing all of the above. Our recent visit to Singapore gave us the opportunity to contemplate all of this as we ventured to the summit of the city’s tallest observation deck – the Tiger Sky Tower. Hopefully, our Tiger Sky Tower review will give you an insight into why visiting Sentosa Island is worth the visit.

tiger sky tower review

Although we didn’t have time to enjoy the ‘stereotypical’ Sentosa Island experience, our visit to the Tiger Sky Tower gave us the chance to see the transformation of Singapore over the years. What was once a “colonial backwater,” Singapore has since been transformed into a “global metropolis” (The Telegraph, 2015) and this is apparent from the top of the tallest observation deck.

tiger sky tower review

Sentosa Island

A visit to Sentosa Island may immediately capture your imagination and bring back memories of your childhood but there is plenty here for all ages to enjoy.

sentosa island

This magical island is just a short ride from Singapore’s central business district and the transformation of this island into a fun-filled theme park has certainly increased the number of visitors to this part of Singapore.

sentosa island singapore

You can reach Sentosa Island using Singapore’s efficient public transportation system. Head to HarbourFront MRT station and then follow the signs to the Sentosa Island cable car.

tiger sky tower review

There are a number of stations once you arrive on the island but the most central location is Imbiah Lookout and this is a perfect starting point to experience all of the attractions.

imbiah station sentosa island

For those preferring to drive and avoid public transportation (we can attest that the journey from VivoCity to Sentosa is pretty hectic but it’s affordable and it avoids the hassle of renting a car), you can pay a small admission charge and drive across the Sentosa Gateway.

sentosa island singapore

Tiger Sky Tower Information

With the South China Sea in one direction accompanied by the island’s beaches and the urban development of Singapore’s stunning skyline on the other side, it’s inevitable that visitors to the Tiger Sky Tower will be in awe as they peer down and appreciate the beauty throughout Singapore.

tiger sky tower review

Our visit to the top of this tower enabled us to not only gain a birds eye view of Sentosa Island and gain a better appreciation to the popularity of this attraction but also enjoy the skyline that is particularly attractive at night.

Admission Prices

The below prices are accurate as of the time of this post being published and are subject to change. Check the Tiger Sky Tower website for the latest admission prices before visiting.

Adults – 18 SGD (Approximately 12 USD)
Children (Under 12) – 10 SGD (Approximately 7 USD)


The Tiger Sky Tower is open daily between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. We strongly recommend paying a visit both during the day and in the evening to enjoy the infamous Singapore lights that illuminate the skyline. Be sure to arrive no later than 8:45 PM as this is the last admission to the tower.

tiger sky tower review


The construction of the Tiger Sky Tower was completed in 2004 by a German manufacturer. It stands at 131 meters above sea level and the enclosed air-conditioned cabin can accommodate up to 72 visitors on any journey to the top of the world!

tiger sky tower review

Journey to the Top

Our adventure to the top was everything we could have wished for. The cabin felt spacious, cool (which in Singapore’s hot, humid conditions was a great benefit!) and offered the perfect environment to appreciate the 360-degree panoramic views of Singapore.

tiger sky tower cabin

The ride is relatively slow giving you ample time to capture pictures from every angle and the best part of the journey is how the cabin gently rotates around the 360-degrees.

tiger sky tower review

Even if you miss that all important picture, you can be sure that you will have another opportunity as the cabin rotates around albeit from a slightly higher (or lower on the return trip down) elevation.

tiger sky tower review

Detailed commentary is provided during your journey highlighting some of the key attractions and landmarks around Sentosa Island and beyond.

tiger sky tower panoramic views

If you are fortunate to visit the Tiger Sky Tower with favorable weather, you may have the opportunity to see as far as Malaysia and Indonesia. It was a little overcast during our visit but we still enjoyed panoramic views of the South China Sea and the Southern Islands.

tiger sky tower review

Singapore – Traditional vs Contemporary

The highlight has to be the views across Singapore’s downtown metropolis. Perhaps because I am an architecture lover, I appreciated the skyline more than regular guests but just taking a moment to think back on how this city has developed over the decades makes you realize how a nation can thrive through urban regeneration.

singapore skyline

Singapore has a very westernized feel to it but there are clearly still a lot of authentic, cultural facets that helps the locals and visitors alike feel a sense of “home” when exploring this city.

singapore skyline

As we slowly rotated around the summit of the Tiger Sky Tower, we certainly gained a greater appreciation of this city and inspired us to explore more after we headed back downtown following our visit to Sentosa Island.


Tiger Sky Tower is certainly an attraction that you should consider visiting on your next trip to Singapore, especially if you plan on spending some time on Sentosa Island. We would love to take a trip back to experience more of the attractions on Sentosa but we definitely enjoyed our journey to the “top of the world” (or at least that’s what it felt like).

We have been fortunate to visit some of the world’s tallest structures, including our recent visit to Dubai which saw us experience the view from the top of Burj Khalifa and although the Tiger Sky Tower is not in that category, it is well worthy of the admission fee to get a better perspective on the city of Singapore. You never know, you may be able to claim that you saw two other countries (Malaysia and Indonesia) if the weather cooperates!

Disclaimer – We received two complimentary tickets to visit the Tiger Sky Tower in exchange for consideration of a blog post. The views contained within this post are entirely our personal opinion/experience and we received no final compensation for this.

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