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Traveling to Las Vegas, your first thought is unlikely to be about accommodation but at the same time it’s important to find somewhere that will meet your needs without getting ripped off. There are a variety of hotels available but your first decision is where exactly you want to stay – either on the Las Vegas Strip, just off the Strip or even in old downtown Vegas also known as the Fremont Street district.

We left the decision until the week of our trip to Vegas and opted for Priceline which has been our trusty resource in recent trips. We were fortunate that this decision paid off yet again. We selected a 3.5 Star option just off the Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) and were pleasantly surprised to see we were staying at the LVH (Las Vegas Hotel). This hotel is now known as the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

My first reaction was probably a little negative, simply because I had never heard of this hotel before but a little research soon eased my fears prior to us heading to Vegas.


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The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is located on Paradise Road and if you have a rental car is only a short 10 minute drive from McCarron International Airport. Is this hotel within walking distance of the main attractions on the Vegas Strip? I’m not completely convinced you would want to walk from here, though it is likely feasible but either way the Vegas Monorail runs directly to the hotel and for $12 you can get a one day pass valid for 24 hours from time of purchase.


The outside of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is impressive and blends into the Vegas skyline with all the other more infamous casinos and hotel chains.


The picture above is taken from the top floor of the parking garage overlooking the illustrious Las Vegas Country Club to the left and the hotel tower. From the parking garage, it is a fair walk to the lobby area of the hotel for check-in as you walk through the casino. We were given a coupon for a complimentary photo which we used later that evening. Our room was on the 27th floor which again required us to walk back through the casino to the Central Tower elevator and almost to the top floor of the hotel.


Entering our room the first thing we noticed was just how spacious the room was. One major issue which was apparently accounted for was the curtains that operated electronically were not functioning so we were left in relative darkness (at least away from natural light!) for the duration of our stay.

Now is a good time to talk about the price of the hotel. Through our purchase using Priceline, our hotel was only $20 (YES $20!!) per night but then of course this doesn’t including the Las Vegas resort fees that pretty much 99.9% of hotels in Vegas will charge you. This was an additional $20 per night so it worked out that the hotel was $40 per night which is still an absolute bargain, I am sure you will all agree!

There are however some hidden costs if you are not careful. For example, if you choose to use the coffee maker, you will be charged $3 per cup. In addition, you are left two bottles of 500ml water but should you decide to open them, it will set you back $3.50 each. Internet is included for the first device only within the resort fee and should you choose to add an additional device, either laptop, iPad or phone you will be charged another $14 per 24 hour period. So yes, it can be a real bargain but hidden costs can soon rack up if you are not diligent.

I have no complaints at all with the hotel and I would very highly recommend this to anyone visiting the Vegas area, especially if you are not concerned with staying in a brand name casino hotel. For $40 with everything included, you can’t beat that for price and the quality is there. Most hotels within this price range are well…I will leave this to your own opinion!


If you are visiting Las Vegas, you are literally spoiled for choice when it comes to hotel options! We strongly recommend staying at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino if you are looking for an affordable alternative that is located off the main strip but still conveniently located to access the very best attractions in Vegas.

Whether you are ready to hit the iconic casinos or perhaps head over to enjoy the awesome Stratosphere rides, anyone visiting Las Vegas should consider staying at the gorgeous Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

Click here for latest availability and prices at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

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  1. Well that certainly sounds a great bargain but I’ve never heards of a hotel charging you to use the tea and coffee facilites before or for the bottles of water in yor room! I’d be horrified to be charged for them so I do hope they make it very clear or is this the norm in some hotels in the US (which I have yet to visit!)

    • You know its actually fairly common in the higher end brand hotel chains here in USA! It really didn’t surprise me but if you are not careful thats exactly how these types of hotels catch you out with extra fees. The base rates are excellent and if you watch what you are doing you can come away with a real bargain but they are banking on many folks not thinking about the fees and before you know it you have racked up a huge room service bill!

  2. $40 dollars is incredible, but they make Hilton look generous when you talk about all those hidden added costs!

    I think it is better in a place like Vegas to avoid the obvious hotels – you would have paid at least 5 times as much and got nothing more apart from a good Facebook check in!!

    • I think you just have to be real savvy whenever you stay at hotels like this that have so many hidden fees. Honestly, I can understand from the hotels perspective taking this approach because it makes really good business sense. Charge a base rate to folks and then include some potentially hidden fees which unless you are careful will soon be added to your bill.

      I enjoy staying at hotels such as the Hilton but find that initial base cost is so high that my expectations are that all other fees will be included. How wrong could I be? I have found that the more you spend, the more these hotel chains expect you to pay for parking, wi-fi, breakfast etc.

      But you know, you make a really good point…why do we even bother with these high class hotels? Just so that good old Facebook check-in will look good among our friends!

    • staying at Hilton end of this month. primary goal is to try playing casinos in LV and last minute decision made to stay at Hilton. yes, i think there’s that hidden charges whichever hotels you book.

  3. Wow, you definitely cannot beat paying $40 a night for a hotel in a major city like that, that’s close enough to the main strip! I’ve never been to Vegas but I imagined it being a whole lot more expensive than that! Glad you got such a great deal!

  4. Wow, that is some bargain, Chris… even with the resort fees. Well done! Would be interested to see a shot of the room you got for that money. That sounds a bit steep/mean as far as the internet is concerned (I would imagine many people nowadays want to connect with more than one device), but I suppose – like the budget airlines – they have to make some money somehow and you do at least have the choice.

  5. What a deal! I’m used to those sort of hidden fees, even in pricey hotels, so I always bring my own water, go out for coffee in the morning (there’s always a good coffee shop close by) etc. Not an issue. And I always connect with my trusty iPod so good there!

    I, too, am curious though as to what the room looked like inside. Nice and clean, I assume, since you gave it a good rating?

  6. Seems like a pretty cheap deal for the USA, but the additional internet charges would annoy me because Kelly and I both have to work on our laptops. However, it still might work out cheaper than other hotels.

  7. Vegas is a weird place. 20 dollars for a hotel room, free drinks in the casino, but also 20 dollars for a burrito or a shitty buffet breakfast, like how dare you be eating instead of getting sloshed and wasting money on craps. Haha.

  8. What an excellent deal, i’ve never heard of that hotel, but who cares for that amazing price, love the retro look that you did with your photographs, suits Las Vegas quite well!

    • Cheers Noel, we thought it would be cool to do something a little different with the pictures and we are really happy with how they turned out!

      When we booked our hotel using Priceline, I have to admit I was a little skeptical especially when I saw the site popup with our winning bid being LVH. Yes, just like you I had never heard of this before so was wondering what we had let ourself into – especially for only $20 per night! But it’s so nice when you are pleasantly surprised by the overall experience in a hotel that in reality could charge much more than they do.

  9. Curious what caused the lower Customer Service rating. I know Vegas can be really hit & miss with service and, in our experience, that’s been one of the bigger factors between budget and luxury pricing. I’ve stayed at both – on and off the strip, for that matter – and service was probably the biggest difference. Well, that and paying for using the coffee maker. The water charge is common, but I’ve never had a coffee maker charge. That’s a deal breaker for me! 😉 As for the wi-fi charges (which do seem a bit steep!) – we just posted some ways around that. #shamelessplug 😉

    Vegas is such a funny place. Last time there, I was seated with a group at Benihana in LVH. Quite randomly, the gentleman seated next to me lives not two miles down the road from me in Texas. Small world!

    • Rob, the customer service was only given a 3 star rating primarily because of the length of time it took for us to check in. We were stood in the lobby area for what seemed like an eternity. Added to this we were offered two rooms, one that they immediately indicated would be noisy because it was next to the elevator and the other option which we chose (later noticed that there was a technical issue with the curtains but we ignored that aspect).

      Overall, for the price I simply can’t complain because everything for the most part was excellent!


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"The perfect bargain hotel located just off the Vegas Strip" - ChrisWestgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Review