5 Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Resources to Help Plan Your Trip

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Planning a trip to any destination can be a daunting prospect with so many different resources available but it’s always difficult to know which are reputable and worth researching. If you are planning a trip to the Gulf Coast, this prospect is no different but after reading this handy guide, we hope you will have a good idea of the resources that will help you plan the perfect trip before you head to Alabama’s Beaches. Visit GulfShores.com for more information on experiencing the Gulf Coast.

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Whether you are an active planner or prepare to travel with a hint of spontaneity, having access to resources before and during your visit to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is critical to ensure you have an awesome experience. Of course, it goes without saying our blog is an awesome resource and we have been fortunate now to be returning visitors to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for almost 10 years. We are constantly updating our content on the Gulf Coast, but we also want to share some other resources that are equally beneficial.

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Let’s take a look at 5 of the best resources you can use before heading to the Gulf Coast and we always encourage you to comment below and share any other resources that you found to be beneficial when planning a trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.


Head over to the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach tourism website for inspiration, latest news, and all the resources you will need to enjoy your visit to Alabama’s white-sand beaches. Whether you are looking for locals favorite restaurants to experience, or perhaps you need a list of recommended attractions to explore during your visit, Gulfshores.com hosts a plethora of information to ensure every part of your trip is taken care of.

gulf shores and orange beach tourism website

Think about Gulfshores.com as a centralized “one-stop shop” to cater for all your needs. If you are considering accommodation choices, this website offers an array of options provided by vacation rental companies, hotels, B&Bs and individual vacation rental property owners.

Perhaps the most helpful part of Gulfshores.com is the blog section which is frequently updated by locals and frequent visitors to the Gulf Coast, sharing their local favorites and experiences you cannot afford to miss. The “Beach is Calling” blog shares the best beach vacation tips, including favorite hot spots for catching and eating fresh fish, when to visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, and how you can plan your perfect getaway to the beach.

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Social Media

In today’s society, it will be no surprise to hear that social media is a great way to staying connected with the best things to experience during your visit to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The VisitALBeaches Facebook page is extremely active and offers daily inspiration with eye-catching videos, awe-inspiring photographs, and other media that will inspire you to experience everything on offer along the Gulf Coast.

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If Facebook isn’t your preferred social media, there are frequently Instagram reels, Tik-Tok videos, or inspiring pins on Pinterest that will allow you to plan everything you need to create the perfect Gulf Shores and Orange Beach getaway. If you prefer the quick interactions on Twitter, be sure to follow the #ALBeachBlogger hashtag to get inspiring content from yours truly, along with a collection of other amazing bloggers who showcase their favorite experiences on Alabama’s beaches.

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Social media is a great way to highlight iconic experiences that perhaps would otherwise get lost among a collection of other awesome attractions, restaurants, and lodging options. We can attest to finding some of our best experiences along the Gulf Coast from other social media posts, and we definitely encourage you to check out some of your favorite social platforms to uncover some hidden gems along this stretch of Alabama coastline.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Digital Vacation Guide

Grab your iPad or other mobile device and head over to the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach tourism site to download the latest digital vacation guide. This resource is a handy tool that can be used whether you are online or offline and can also be downloaded as a PDF if you prefer to have a static document. Think about this guide as an overview of the very best things to see, do, and eat during your visit to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Check out the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Digital Vacation Guide here. Download a local PDF copy here.

A new version of the digital vacation guide is made available each year, so you can be sure to always have the latest, up-to-date information available prior and during your visit to the Gulf Coast. We have found this guide to be incredibly helpful and inspiring, not only because of the creativity and aesthetic appeal of the guide, but because of the authentic feel and local spots that you are encouraged to visit.

Visitor Centers

Once you arrive in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, one of the best places to start your adventure is the local tourism visitor center. With one center available in either location, this is undoubtedly the ideal starting point to ensure you have all the information necessary to enjoy your visit to the Gulf Coast. Free brochures, local maps and information on everything a visitor would want to know about lodging, attractions, dining and more on the Alabama Gulf Coast can be found in both the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach locations.

For those that prefer to have a physical copy of the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Vacation Guide, you can pickup your full-color copy at the welcome center. Free wi-fi access is available at both locations, but perhaps the best resource is the local knowledge on hand by the friendly staff who will give you all the information needed to ensure you are fully equipped to enjoy your visit.

The two welcome centers can be found as follows:

Travel Blogs

While we have focused our attention on other resources, it would certainly be remiss to not mention travel blogs as a great resource to find inspiring content that will help you plan your trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. We have been extremely fortunate to visit this part of Alabama on numerous occasions and I am sure those of you that have followed us over the years will know that this is one of our favorite destinations.

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Check out some of our posts highlighting why Fall is the best time for a Gulf Shores and Orange Beach getaway, the best local coffee shops in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, and for those looking for a late season getaway, find out why the Christmas festivities at the beach are so awesome along this stretch of Alabama coastline.

A full collection of our posts on Gulf Shores and Orange Beach can be found here: Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Travel Blogs

Of course, our travel blog is just one of many that provide inspiring content on the Gulf Coast. Some of our friends in the travel blogosphere that have awesome Gulf Shores and Orange Beach content can be found below:

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