How to Enjoy the Best Scenic Views at Land’s End, Cornwall?

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Whether you are on camping holiday in Cornwall or just enjoying a day out with family or friends, your Cornish experience will not be complete without a visit to Land’s End. With its magnificent natural setting, great cuisine options, and shopping, plus exciting pay-as-you-go family attractions – it’s one of the West Country’s great places to visit. Land’s End is famous for being a starting point for charity events to travel the length of the United Kingdom in the Land’s End to John O’Groats journey.

Land's End Cliff

From a day visit to spending a weekend exploring the myriad of walking trails along the Cornwall coast, Land’s End is perhaps the best place to visit if you are looking to get away from city life and just enjoy the spectacular panoramic scenes that surround you. A word of warning, be prepared for some pretty blustery conditions because taking a hike around this part of Cornwall isn’t for the faint-hearted once the wind picks up!

The views over the ocean are spectacular and knowing that you are at the southwestern most point of the United Kingdom enhances the sense of freedom as you overlook the ocean. With the next land mass being the USA, you really are at a point of no return but for many, this freedom and taking in the coastal air is just what makes Land’s End so precious.

Useful Information

Be prepared to spend £5 for parking at Land’s End but this gives you all day to examine the vast landscapes surrounding this headland. Free parking is available further afield if you don’t mind walking but for this small surcharge, you have the piece of mind that should the weather turn (and it frequently does), you can quickly head back to your vehicle.

Land's End Entrance

Once you are parked, access to Land’s End can be done on foot. Be prepared for plenty of walking as there are a variety of scenic trails available along the coastline with even more breathtaking views available.

Best Things to Do at Land’s End

Watching the rough waves crashing on the rocks below the family-friendly paths provides tourists with entertaining walks. At the southernmost point of the headland stands a gift shop (The First and Last House) and cafe offering visitors the chance to stop and take in the scenery whilst sipping on a warm beverage. Even on Summer’s day, the chill in the air can be apparent at Land’s End as the sea breeze sweeps across the Penwith peninsula.

First and Last house Land's End

Perhaps the highlight attraction that most folks visiting Land’s End want to experience is the iconic Heritage Trail. Be sure to download your free guide and enjoy a rich history of Neolithic artifacts in the cemetery, Bronze Age burial mounds, and an Iron Age hill fort. If history just doesn’t sound interesting enough, perhaps you will be more intrigued by the amazing stories of journeys from Land’s End to John O’Groats.Land's End Store

Our top recommendation, simply take a stroll along the coastal path and admire the gorgeous sight of the waves crashing against the untouched, rugged cliffs. Having experienced similar landscapes on our Cliffs of Moher tour in Ireland, we can well and truly attest that this part of Europe is a haven for this type of scenery. Have your camera handy because there are infinite opportunities to capture amazing landscape photos!

Iconic Landmarks

Probably the most famous iconic landmark at Land’s End is the signpost providing visitors with an opportunity to make customized messages and have their picture taken. Visitors can tell the photographers their hometown and they will not only calculate the distance, they will customize this into the message for the perfect picture opportunity.

Land's End landmark sign

Land’s End offers something for everyone, with the kids able to experience some great rides and elderly folks being able to relax and enjoy the views. The gift shops provide brochures and pamphlets advertising a variety of attractions throughout Cornwall which is really great for anyone visiting this part of the country for several days. Cornish fudge is a must for anyone visiting here for the first time.


After spending a week exploring the very of Cornwall, we have to admit that our minds always drift back to experiences at Land’s End for those that were the most memorable. The scenery here is second to none, at least in terms of the spots we visited in Cornwall.

Land's End Bridge

Yes, the charming village of Mevagissey or the fishing town of St. Ives are both great spots to experience the very best of Cornish culture but there is something quite magical about the secluded spot that is known as Land’s End. Perhaps because you have that feeling that you are at the end of the world or maybe just because of the breathtaking panoramic views. Either way, it’s a location that you cannot afford to miss if you have any interest in exploring the southwest county of Cornwall.

Unless you go prepared with clothing, it can be extremely windy and cold! PLEASE NOTE – take enough clothing even during the Summer to Land’s End, otherwise you may end up looking pretty stupid when you are being blown around with only shorts and t-shirt on.

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Chris Boothman
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  1. Beautiful spot and great tips! I have never been to Cornwall before (more specifically, Land’s End) but I love being around the ocean and watching the waves, so this spot would be the perfect place for me to explore & enjoy the chill of the ocean breeze!

    • Cheers Constance for the feedback! You would absolutely love Cornwall. It is such a great spot to just go and wander around local fishing villages, relax on the cliffs by Land’s End or just take in the atmosphere.

    • I used to visit here all the time whenever I was growing up with my parents for the annual ‘Summer Holiday’ but it was really nice to head back here with Heather in 2010 to explore the region again. There is so many beautiful spots in this neck of the woods!

      You need to head back down there sometime and let us know your experiences!!

    • I know it’s only like 4 miles away from Land’s End right?? Unfortunately, we didn’t go there and we bypassed that spot and went on to the town of Penzance which is just up the road. There is so much to see in Cornwall, it is really a beautiful part of England and we are looking forward to going back there and exploring more including Cape Cornwall!


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